Luke 1:17 and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.”

Christian Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?  
Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. The coach is a person with the professional training, experience, and abilities to partner with a client to help him develop into the best person he can become, and to maintain that commitment to positive change. A coach is one who actively listens and supports the client, realizing that he is already whole and has the ability within himself to achieve the highest potential. A good coach has the unusual ability to walk alongside a client without an agenda of his own. The coach’s primary responsibility is to the client, and therefore strives to maintain an objective, non-judgmental outlook that constantly holds the client’s agenda and desired outcome as first priority.

What Does Coaching Do?
Coaches assist clients in deepening their learning, improving their performance, and enhancing their quality of life. Progress is made as the coach gathers from the client, through solution-focused conversations, exactly what the client desires to achieve. Then he encourages the client to consider all the possibilities, even the ones that seem out of reach. The coaching conversation always focuses on four questions: 1. What do you want? 2. How might you get it? 3. How might you commit to making this happen? 4. How will you know if you got it? The coach guides the client into generating his own insights and solutions so that the client truly owns the outcome and understands his personal potential for maintaining a positive direction in the future.

After establishing rapport and building trust in the relationship, a coach begins to use his communication skills by asking pertinent and powerful questions. This moves the client toward learning to think outside the proverbial box, realizing that continuing to do the same things in the same ways will not lead to positive change and progress. Listening to the client’s responses to questions, making key observations, and suggesting helpful tools and exercises, allows the coach to lead the client into a place of clarity, focus, and readiness for action. This enhanced awareness and motivation enables the coach/client partnership to begin planning, setting goals, and designing effective action steps. Ultimately, the client develops a vision and a blueprint for a preferred future, accompanied by very real ways to progress in that direction at all times, while the coach encourages and holds the client accountable to his own decisions and commitments.

In working with a Christian coach, there are some important scriptural principles which should be taken into consideration. A coach is positive and solution-focused, not problem-focused (Philippians 4:8), a coach is future-oriented (Philippians 3:13-14), a coach is about possibilities (Philippians 4:13), and a coach includes God (Mt. 18:20).
In order to clarify further what a coach really is, it is helpful to contrast a coach with others that appear to fulfill a similar role. In other words, we can define a coach by what he is not.

  • Do you feel substantially more alive, or further ahead, than you did a year ago?
  • Is your life more run by things you have to do, as opposed to things you choose to do?
  • Would you benefit from having clear goals that reflect what is truly important to you?
  • Do you often feel stressed and like there is something holding you back from a much more successful life?
  • Do you often know what you should be doing, but have a hard time actually doing it?
  • Do you routinely run out of time, energy or patience by the end of the day?
  • Is your career more of a job than a calling?
  • Is there less meaning in your life, career, relationship, or business, than you would like?
  • Do you have a difficult time balancing your career, family, friends, health, etc.?
  • Has it been awhile since you really enjoyed yourself?
  • Would you benefit from establishing great habits that keep you moving ahead in all parts of your life?
  • Do you routinely find yourself worrying about the future?
  • Do you often find yourself living automatically, or simply going through the motions?
  • Would you like to learn how to create a life that directly reflects your greatest gifts, talents and interests?
  • Do you want more success, peace, intimate relationships, or a sense that your life is making a difference?
  • Do you ever get a sense that you are not living the life you were meant to live, and that there is much more to life than you are now experiencing?
  • Do you have someone in your life who routinely gives you independent feedback, and helps you see what you might be missing?
The coaching process is the only human improvement process that focuses completely on YOU! Coaches are equal partners who assist you to improve and grow as a person as the means to achieve your goals. Coaches assist you to become the “World’s Leading Expert on YOU!” Coaches also assist you to execute the actions necessary to achieve your goals. You will have virtual control over the results you achieve through coaching, because you set the coaching goals, and the coaching process assures that you will achieve them.


I offer sessions by phone, Skype to Skype and Skype Video Calling. Your first session is an introduction where we will both get to know each other. We will discuss what life coaching is and isn’t and the reasons that have brought you to a Christian Life Coach. I will help you to discover your strengths, values, passions, and spiritual gifts through coaching tools. Through the Life Coaching model we will look at any issues in your life, areas you would like to work on, concerns you have and any areas of life where you are dissatisfied or desire change. I will be helping you to become aware for your present situation and look for any obstacles that might keep you from obtaining your desired goals. The Bible says, “Without a vision My people perish.” So we will look together at a vision of the life that you desire to live and the things you would like to accomplish. You will set goals and take action each week that will bring you closer every time we meet to the fulfillment of your desires being fulfilled and your life transformed.

If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. ~Lawrence J. Peter
As a Professional Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

Christian Life CoachingChristian Life Coaching is Life Coaching that is Christ centered with a Scriptural foundation and Spirit led.
Secular Verses Christian Life Coaching
Secular and Christian life coaching differ in several aspects. Most secular life coaches operate around the principle that the strength, strategy, and answers to how to achieve personal and professional goals in life lie in each person, who, through coaching, learn how to pull answers, devise strategies, and muster up the strength needed to succeed. The Christian life coach, on the other hand, realizes that not all answers, strength, or strategies are found within the client. The apostle Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (KJV, Philippians 4:13). Paul knew that "his" strength did not lie within him, but rather within Christ. This doesn't imply that Christian life coaching encourages you to sit and do nothing; on the contrary, you are encouraged to fully cooperate with God for those things that are in agreement with his perfect will. Scripture reminds the believer that faith without works (action) is dead (James 2:17). The Christian life coach also realizes that the goal and duty of every true Christian is to do the will Jesus around which everything else revolves and depends (Matthew 7:21).  

The word translated “transformed” is the Greek #3339 “metamorphoo” which means to change into another form, to transform. “Metamorphoo” is a compound word that is derived from #3326 “meta” and #3445 “morphoo” which means to fashion, to shape, to form.
Our English word “metamorphosis” comes from this Greek word. Like the caterpillar that is transformed (metamorphosis) into a butterfly, we are seeking to be transformed into a new being as well.
By going through the process of Christian Life Coaching the possibilities are overwhelming for your life, your job/business, marriage/family/relationships, present and future. Anything you really desire to change that you and God are responsible for can be totally transformed, reshaped and formed into something new and better. This is truly possible if you will fully walk in faith; cooperate with God and the Christian Life Coaching process. Remember all things are possible with God and when you believe.

Purpose & Destiny
God, The Creator has created all of us for a purpose with a destiny to fulfill. Many people in today's society go through their whole life just trying to get by, hopefully live what they think is a good life, maybe raise a family and make ends meet until they die. They never knew that God had so much more for them and that they could have been enjoying life, family and work, having the desires of their heart’s fulfilled all along but go to the grave clueless. Christian Life Coaching can help you find and fulfill your purpose and destiny with God and in life.

Transition & Change
Throughout a lifetime we all will go through planned and unplanned transitions and changes. A Life Coach can help you plan ahead for these times when you desire and help you through those times with the unexpected.

Church Leadership & Help for Pastoral Burnout
Life Coaching can help pastors and ministers out of this overwhelming problem and even better, help them in such a way so as to never possibly suffer from this. It’s not just immorality and church splits causing the problem. It’s being responsible for so many people, the flock and or staff pulling on them and needing them day after day after day. If this isn’t dealt with in a Scriptural way, burnout and failure are very foreseeable.

We are responsible for our own choices but there are times when others make choices that affect us in negative ways. No matter what the problem, a coach can bring into a coaching relationship, responsibility, accountability, can be a sounding board and a partner to walk with through all life’s and ministry challenges.
Many pastors/leaders don't have anyone close outside their spouse they can confide in because of the job of ministry. A Christian Life Coach can be that friend to be there to help them along the way during the good times and bad.

If you desire to receive personal ministry in this area of need please contact Pastor Steve and schedule an appointment.
A suggested love offering of $60 is asked to be donated before the scheduled Christian Life Coaching time. Your giving helps us go to those who are in need throughout the world.

The economy of God's kingdom is based on giving and receiving; the kingdoms of this world base their economy on buying and selling. In both cases money changes hands and financial needs are met, but God's economy is higher and greater than man's.
Go to a Bible Bookstore, and you will probably pay up to $60.00 dollars for a leather bond Bible. This is selling God's holy Word that is freely given to all. If you ask them to please just give you one of those Bibles, they would say, "Absolutely not." They can't afford to give the Bibles away - they have to pay the printers as well as the rent, the utilities, and the payroll of all their employees so they can keep the bookstore open.
A typed or audio-recorded 3-4 minute prophetic word costs $25-$40 and you never have any dialog with anyone. The average cost of a CD or DVD series or conference package is anywhere from $50 to $200. In paying for these ministry resources you will never receive any personal ministry from the minister but only information, which is good in and of its self. I am not being critical of these practices because I have gained much from these over the years. I am giving you comparisons to look at on the value we can place on receiving from ministries today.

*Donations for Elijah’s Cry International go through World Outreach Ministries and are tax deductible in the US.
*Donations are not considered as a payment for services but are used to finance the ministry, support it’s ministers, missionaries and outreaches locally and internationally.

I am not a trained Psychotherapist/Counselor and this is not psychotherapy or counseling ministry. This is a ministry of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God I am blessed with giftings from God with decades of experience in different parts of the world and doing the works of Jesus. I have spent literally thousands of hours in prayer, study of the word and preaching and teaching the word to be able to minister to your needs and speak what God is saying to you. I can't promise what kind of ministry will take place during your session but I can promise that if you are open to receive the Holy Spirit will minister to you as He wills and probably amaze you.

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