Luke 1:17 and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.”

Invite Steve to Minister in Your Home, Business, Youth Group, Church, Conference and Crusade

If you need someone to stir up your church or youth and set them on fire then invite Pastor Steve to come and preach. He has also held his own leadership conferences and open air crusades with the help of the local churches and leadership overseas. See the Evangelism Page and the ministry called "Firestorm Invasion" Through a very deep intimate passionate relationship with God, His word and living a life of prayer for over 20 years God can use Pastor Steve to bring forth a word in due season for you, your church or group. You can hear some of his preaching from his Internet radio programs of the audio players on the right side of the website. It's a lot more intense when he preaches live publicly but you can hear the dept of the word and the power of the Spirit present when he ministers. Pastor Steve is called internationally so he will go wherever God opens the door, releases him to go and the provision is made. Pastor Steve will also speak to your church or office leadership, your company and employees, in your conferences and crusades, to your prayer and home group, house church, Christian Schools and Colleges and anywhere he is invited. He isn't looking for numbers in size but those who are truly hungry for God, His Word and His presence. Details for his visit can be worked out once contact is made.
Pastor Steve's promise to you is that if there is hunger for God present God will show up, give a powerful word and confirm it with signs and wonders. He is now also a certified Secular and Christian Life Coach and can coach many types of diverse groups when needed.
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Rev. Steve O’Brien DD, CLC  Ministry Bio

·        Born Again: October 25, 1990
·        Ordained: 5/17/1992, Columbus Cathedral Church Association
·        Certified Christian Life Coach: 2012, New Life Coaching Inc.
·        Certified Chaplin: July 2013, International Federation of Christian Chaplains
·        Honorary Doctor of Divinity: September 21, 2013 , Oval Bible College

Over 22 years of ministry experience from November 1990 until today September 2013: I founded and oversee 2 ministries, pastored house churches and an off campus mission; planted a local community outreach to feed and clothe the poor still in operation today for 13 years and with my mother as co-founder and director, I have seen a multitude of souls saved since the first month of my conversion, trained disciples and leaders, done pastoral counseling, have seen the sick healed, the oppressed freed and a dead baby in the womb raised from the dead while ministering in Uganda. I have preached and ministered on the streets, in hospitals, in homes, huts, the bush and jungles. I have done ministry to the poor, children, youth and adults. I have held church leadership conferences, evangelistic crusades and preached in churches. I have ministered in the US, Ohio, Oklahoma, California, Florida, New Mexico to the Navajo Indians, Texas, Dominican Republic, Zambia, Uganda, Canada and the Philippines. I have preached over 5000+ messages, studied the word of God well over 10,000+  hours and have read through and deeply studied well over 100+ books and manuals and hundreds of audio, video, cd and dvd messages about many Christian subjects to help myself, know God deeper, help others and minister to the best of God’s ability in me.

Preaching in the Philippines 2011
Jungle-July 2011
Mountains-July 2011

Church-New Years Day-2012

*As of May 10, 2013 I have begun to see this to begin to be fulfilled in part on April 28 & May 7 & 8, 2013 as the fire of God fell in two church anniversary celebrations and a leaders conference.